New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers September 29, 2022

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Below is the right or the best answer for New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers September 29, 2022 :

Author: Jeremy Newton
Editor: Will Shortz


Cartesian sum? IAM
Quran keeper IMAM
Spiff (up) SNAZZ
Molecule in some modern vaccines RNA
Impressive diving score NINE
Chachi’s “Happy Days” sweetheart JOANIE
“Which is a big deal, considering!” ANDTHATSSAYINGALOT
Maker of the Split Decision Breakfast IHOP
Damsel LASS
Def Jam, for DMX LABEL
Spa day sounds AAHS
Contest for millions on the West Coast CALIFORNIALOTTO
Sierra Nevada’s Dankful, e.g., in brief IPA
It’s a good look SCAN
It’s a bad look SNEER
Tear-stained, perhaps DAMP
Landscaping tool EDGER
Part of a healing process SCAB
Common refrain in pre-K circles EIEIO
Father of Norway’s King Harald OLAV
Royal Navy inits. HMS
Popular skin moisturizer ALOEVERALOTION
Family man PAPA
“El ___ de los Anillos” (translation of a Tolkien title) SENOR
Take off fast, with “out” PEEL
Word with shoe or cap SNOW
Floated for fun, in a way TUBED
“So many layers here” … or a hint to the circled squares ITSALOTTOUNPACK
A big hit might break it TOPTEN
Often-pickled pods OKRA
One who may be out of the habit NUN
Result of an architect’s winging it? ANNEX
Big wheel’s place HELM
Word with clean or rot DRY


Setting for Operation Red Dawn IRAQ
Appeared briefly MADEACAMEO
How many salsa dancers dance INHEELS
God-knows-where, casually MIA
Challenging ANTI
Go together nicely MESH
Miso base SOY
Some spots that need polish NAILSALONS
Actress Gunn ANNA
Veers sharply ZIGS
Extremist group ZEALOTS
“Homeland” of the monsters Mothra and Gamera JAPAN
Big band staple TUBA
Take off SOAR
Pet peeves? LICE
Introductory remarks HIS
Everybody’s doing it FAD
Like a blocked penalty kick, in soccer ONGOAL
Group putting out electronic music TECHNOBAND
Group often told to “Go!” TEAM
Eyes, poetically ORBS
Starting point for a plan IDEA
Beach mold PAIL
Quiche base PIEPLATE
Grp. with the 1977 hit double album “Out of the Blue” ELO
“Oh, fudge!” RATS
Fertility clinic donations OVA
World’s largest producer of black pepper VIETNAM
Printing giant EPSON
Go off RANT
“Get ___” (2014 James Brown biopic) ONUP
Come back RECUR
Pocket stuffed with tabbouleh, maybe PITA
Windsor Castle neighbor ETON
Presenter of many games ESPN
Tweeter’s “That said …” OTOH
Socially “with it” WOKE
Fashion house with a Manhattan HQ DKNY
First name in DC Comics villainy LEX
Certain link URL

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