First Billboard #1 hit for U2 … and a hint to the answers to the four starred clues

Determines as the source

Conway in the Country Music Hall of Fame


Brings to mind, as a flavor

Bit of pool wear

Billboard’s year-end #1 single of 1979

Bandleader Xavier

Apple varieties

A Stark, to a Lannister, on ‘Game of Thrones’

*Pill form

*Film technique sometimes used to show the passage of time

*Family name in Shakespeare

‘You Can’t Take It With You’ director, 1938

‘You can count on me’

‘True that’

‘To Helen’ poet

‘This is dear mercy, and thou ___ it not’: ‘Romeo and Juliet’

‘Right away, boss!’

‘No problemo!’

‘Coronation ___’ (Elgar composition)